No mask for me

Well done.

It is not easy to assert your positions when the majority does not share the same point of view.

You are very courageous because you know it like me, the weeks and the years to come are going to be difficult to live.

There will still be a long way to go in order to be numerous enough to defend our freedoms.

You are one of the people essential to the establishment of a new world.

But please accept those who are still too afraid to assert themselves without a mask.

Do not see them as inferior beings but as your brothers and sisters, vulnerable, who need your strength to help them feel safe, heard and understood.

It is in this brotherhood and compassion that they will soon join your side without masks.

Do not be puffed up with contempt for them. They share the same point of view as you but just don't dare to say it publicly yet.

Every step counts ... they are already taking the step to distinguish themselves from other mask wearers.

Soon ... we will all be united and united to defend our freedoms.

By wearing the phoenix you join this momentum that unites us for the same goal:


Welcome to you Sovereign.

If you want to join the movement I invite you to read the charter and accept it before any action. The genesis will also allow you to understand how it all started.

As sovereignty might not commonly used by english speakers in their own country, the phoenix is meant to be the most powerful symbol of this movment more than words. So you'll find in the shop only the phoenix to represent you in our human pacifist movment. But if you feel you want "i am sovereign" written, get in touch and i'll do it for you !

All rights reserved - Drawing under license