I do not dare yet

Congratulations to you for having taken this step.

The weight of the judgment of others, the looks, the insults can be too heavy to bear.

It's ok if you need security.

You have the same convictions and the same values but you are afraid to find yourself alone without a mask in a store.

It's OK.

You can also represent the movement with a mask. With the phoenix you assert your position without putting yourself in danger. You do not muzzle yourself, you silently show those who have not yet understood and you reread yourself to all those who like you have already made this journey of awareness that they are wearing the same mask as you or not.

You are not alone).

Soon ... we will all be united and united to defend our freedoms.

By wearing the phoenix you join this momentum that unites us for the same objective:


Welcome to you Sovereign.

If you want to join the movement I invite you to read the charter and accept it before any action. The genesis will also allow you to understand how it all started.

As sovereignty might not commonly used by english speakers in their own country, the phoenix is meant to be the most powerful symbol of this movment more than words. So you'll find in the shop only the phoenix to represent you in our human pacifist movment. But if you feel you want "i am sovereign" written, get in touch and i'll do it for you !