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If you are here my dear friend is that you are aware of the energies in place. Maybe you haven't taken the exact measurement of the situation yet, maybe you're still asking yourself questions.
The main thing you understood since you chose to come to this place.

We are at a turning point in human history and we need to unite more than ever. Chaos is not far away and the division of the people is beginning to be felt.
The people are divided into two clans. They could be called in so many different ways : the awake and the sleepy, the sheep and the conscious, the pro and the anti-masks, the selfish and the humanists... The list is so long... but is it necessary to put a label?

Haven't we ever put down this label of Homo Sapiens sapiens?

Yet what do we really know?
Are we really the smartest species on the planet ?
Do you realize that we are the only species to produce non-recyclable waste ?
Do you realize that we are the only species to cause its own extinction ?
Since the creation of this planet we are the only species to have, in a beat of eyelashes, eradicated other species.
During the confinement, animals returned to where they had deserted, nature took a second breath.
Did you, like me, enjoy the silence of the streets? Have you rediscovered the birdsong?
Was there not, despite this injunction of confinement, a return to oneself in the silence of the streets ? Have you not felt in yourself this freedom to be.

Just BE.
Freedom without a chain and without a master.
Breathe freely, feel the fresh air enter our nostrils and come out a little warmer...
Speak clearly and freely, without a baillon, without hindrance...
If you are here it is because freedom animates you deep within you.
Because you're trying to regain that sovereignty that we all carry in us when we were born.
With each inspiration you express your sovereign being,
With every word you say you affirm your sovereignty.
With every action you take you are sovereign.
You are against wearing the mask and you feel that the stakes are higher, deeper than a cloth on your face to protect you from a virus.
You want to shout your freedom to be, your sovereignty to decide for yourself and to take care of your health.

The first months of 2020 were very physically, emotionally and psychologically challenging. You fought for your convictions, for your freedoms.
Maybe you felt alone in the middle of all these masked people.
Maybe you felt the looks accusatory or frightened.
Maybe you've been insulted.
Perhaps they refused to approach you, to talk to you, to serve you even...
I know. Freedom sometimes costs  so much.
Some resign themselves, anger in the soul and in the heart.
Others continue to fight... to turn against their surroundings, society...
Still, take a good look. Every human being aspires to only one thing: LOVE.
Yes, I assure you. Even the most virulent. Besides, those who spit out all their hatred for not being loved enough if you listen to their souls...
Did you, like me, think about boycotting all the places where you'd have to wear the mask ?
Did you think like me to reconfine ?
Have you thought like me about ordering only over the internet ?

So let me help you understand the real issue today and together let's take action...
Every day our freedoms are nibbled, discreetly, insidiously. Our society is based on power and money.
Whoever has the money holds the power... and freedom.
Have you ever been to the streets to show your presence, your displeasure?
Has it paid off ?
When you pay VAT, your taxes, are you richer than before?
When you sell your old cupboard for 50 dollars on marketplace to a citizen who travels to your house and gives you cash.
Are you being taken away from VAT on this exchange?
Are you richer ?
Now, if you stop going to the stores and pay for everything online by credit card (or even in store with contactless)
What would happen if our governments told us that cash is no longer useful and would be banned?
How would you sell your old cupboard on marketplace ?
Would you be richer ?

If you're here it's because you know the virus won't contaminate you because you'll have touched the coins of the baker when she returns the change, or when you have taken the tickets from the ATM.
Then... Breathe...
Tell me, is the mask today the greatest threat to your freedom ?
What if... You never felt alone again, wherever you were even with a damn mask ?
Our species has a deep, visceral need for belonging. We need to belong to a group, a community, a family in which we feel understood, listened to and safe.
Only we move faster, together we advance further ... "When we go all we go one" let's read right now on social networks...
So here it is.
Enter with me in this paficifist movement to fight for our freedoms, for our future.
Be sovereign.
Like the majestic phoenix rising from the ashes, join us in this movement:

And even if you're the only one wearing this mask in a store, anywhere you're going to be, you'll feel behind you that we're all here with you...
Don't we feel stronger when we know we're not alone ?
Close your eyes and imagine that we are already there behind you, next to you...
By wearing this mask you do not submit to a dictatorship but you affirm your belonging to a collective that carries the same values as you.
But to wear this mask you have to go to the end of your convictions:
Drop your card, contactless and now only pay
Cash !
Together let's move forward, support small businesses, thwart the system and corruption and we'll win !

When we go all, we go one. How far are you ready to go from now ?

Text to listen (soon in english)

July 2020

Thursday, 31st december 2020

Good morning to you, dear sovereign.
Things have changed a lot since the realization of this website last July. Today the debate has moved well beyond the mask, even if its obligation is a serious attack on our fundamental freedoms. In some departments it is obligatory at all times and in all places, even in front of one's home. But the deprivation of our liberties has only increased. We are infantilized, punished, blamed and constantly controlled. Information is distorted and doctors who rebel are interned, disbarred and slandered. The powers that be, illegitimately elected, are now pressuring us to accept a gene therapy that modifies RNA and whose short or long term effects are unknown. Many scientists around the world warn of the danger of such a therapy. Many also say that this virus has such a low mortality rate that there is no justification for such a measure.  But while all eyes are currently focused on this subject, the population does not see a much more pernicious danger coming. The dematerialization of money and the absolute control of the world's population.

It must be understood that it is not "just" bills and coins. But that it is about our freedom, our privacy. I warned as soon as this site was set up. Preserving our rights and freedoms is fighting to keep cash. If we let dematerialization happen, we will no longer be in control of our lives.

Is that what you want? A life spied on, controlled, studied in its smallest details? If we let it happen there will be no more limits. The rich will become richer and the middle class, which is already disappearing, will no longer exist. There will only be the rich on one side and the poor on the other.

Let us no longer leave our lives, dignity and sovereignty in the hands of the 1%!

Remember that we are 99% and without us they are nothing!

Take back your power dear sovereign and come out of fear. Show your right to be, your freedom to breathe, to dance, to gather with your friends, your family. Show your smiles to strangers in the street, reopen your businesses. Don't ask for permission anymore. Live! It is your sovereign right.

Together let us declare our sovereignty, let us form a community of fraternity, equality, freedom and benevolence. Let us show the path of citizen disobedience to all those who today are still in fear.

For this New Year, I am launching a campaign today at midnight for 19 days. You will be able to dress your "armor" as a sovereign and offer it to those dear to you.

Do not surrender, resist, and see how many of us there are!
May this phoenix cross the borders and establish a spirit of fraternity and freedom!

By making this symbolic gesture, not only will you create with me a movement of hope, but you will support me in my work as an artist and allow me to continue my work serenely while ensuring the safety of my children. Without forgetting that the clothes are 100% French.

Thank you to you dear sovereign and welcome to this movement of unification.

clic to the campaign
clic to the campaign