I'll explain why this phoenix emerged and what triggered it.
Artist and practitioner in hypnosis, I live in France.
In November 2018, like you, I attended the people's protest movement which took the name of "yellow vest" in reference to the fluorescent vests worn during the first demonstrations and which became the very emblem of this outpouring of protest which lasted 18 months.
Very quickly I realized that the demonstrations in the streets were unnecessary and dangerous. I tried on my modest scale to invite a silent revolution. A more strategic and subtle organization, in the silence of the streets and the doorway of homes. I do not join any political party and it has been a long time since I consciously decided not to vote for people I never chose to represent me. I invite you to read Osho's book "Freedom" which talks about the silent revolution.
So, over the months, I have observed with horror the increasing violence in the streets. The dead and the crippled, the attempts at political recovery. I also saw the people's solidarity with the government. I saw fraternity exchanges on the roundabouts. I was moved to see the people rise up for their rights and freedoms. But I was clear on the pointlessness of its manifestations.
I am neither a strategist nor a politician. So I had no solution to provide. Just this awareness that we had to do it differently. That the government did not care about our revolts and our raids in the streets.
I felt united with the people but helpless. I started to say that we had to stop wearing this vest which was like a lighthouse in the middle of the fog, such an easy target for LBDs and other batons.
I thought about a more discreet symbol that could connect us while blending us into the population. Would the police have dared as much violence if they had not been able to recognize the demonstrators from the simple onlookers?
I tried to understand the colors of our flag, the symbolism of the rooster. Proud farmyard animal, and belligerent, I found this very negative emblem to represent our people.
So I thought of the phoenix. This majestic and mystical animal which is reborn from its ashes. This animal that we also find in Harry Potter, symbol of good and justice;)
What better way to represent a people who are rising again, who seek a rebirth than the phoenix?
I tentatively tried to present it on social media but my audience was just as tiny as my self-confidence.
Filed at the INPI in December 2018 to protect it in secret, this project fell through.
I didn't think about it anymore and then ...
It was while watching the live performance of a friend who does karmic clairvoyance that the project was born.
She explained to us what sovereignty is and that it was time that we each found our own.
I clicked and couldn't sleep all night!
"I am sovereign" was born.
I was convinced that if we had a point of contact, a symbol that would allow us to recognize ourselves in the street, in the stores, we would be stronger in living our deep convictions on a daily basis.
Freedom is a fundamental value for me and I was looking for what image could represent it.
I live by the sea and it is while contemplating gulls hovering in the wind that I thought of the bird as a symbol of freedom ...
While rummaging through my artistic archives I found my black and gold phoenix :)

This is the genesis of this humanist project.
I finalized the protection of the phoenix at the INPI, the fruit of my artistic work and today a pacifist activist.

I had a project for a portrait book 4 years ago called "I am". I had started taking portraits of sea shepherd activists who had to write on a small slate "I am" and finish the sentence ... my personal life did not allow me to follow my dreams and my ambitions and this project, still, remained in cardboard.

So if you have the impetus to send me your photo with the t-shirt, the cap or even the mask "I am sovereign" it would be with an undisguised joy and an honor that I will compile them on a dedicated page and who knows ... if you give me permission ... in a book bearing the image of the movement to mark our imprint in the history of this chaotic year;)

How did it start ?

Genesis of the phoenix