The phoenix charter

To join this movement is to accept to represent it in a pacifiste way.

No violence, wether verbal or physical can be accepted.

This movement aims to link citizens together and not to divide them.

This movement does not represent any political party and cannot be affiliated with any.

By joining this movement you accept that everyone within it, and outside, move step by step.

Whether you have the strengh to refuse the mask, you recognize that some people need security even if they have come to the same conclusions as you.

And if you wear it for fear of the violence of all those who have not yet understood the stake, you recognize thos who do not wear it like your peers.

No judgment, insult can be affiliated with this movement of struggle for our freedoms.

Joining this movement is also taking responsability for circulating cash as much as possible and always favoring small businesses.

We move forward together with our personal history, our values of love and peace, our convictions, our feats, our doubts, our need for connection and security.

With a single goal :

To regain our sovereignty.

All rigths reserved - drawing under license